MAPCS Awards 2014 Outstanding Graduate Achievement Awards

MAPCS presented a Certificate of Achievement Award to two private career school graduates at the Annual Professional Development Conference held on October 31, 2014 at the Mansfield Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA.­

Graduates were selected for the award based on the contributions that he/she has made to their career field, school or community.  Emphasis was placed on accomplishments, academic excellence, and how the graduate maximized his/her performance and demonstrated outstanding potential for post-graduation employment. The graduate’s extra efforts on behalf of the school, student body or community at large were also considered.

Logan Gaudet, who graduated from New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS) in North Andover, was awarded a MAPCS Certificate of Achievement Award. Logan acquired his CDCA in 2014. During his time at New England Tractor Trailer School, he was an outstanding student. According to Mike Gagnon, Logan’s supervisor, “he always had a positive attitude that was contagious throughout his time at NETTTS.” 

Before enrolling at NETTTS, Logan, his wife and 7 children struggled to make ends meet.  They worked odd jobs, but it was at NETTTS that Logan found a career that would launch his family out of their financial challenges.

Mike Gagnon also said that when it came down to business and learning the curriculum, Logan truly discovered how this new endeavor would open doors.  Logan has a strong work ethic and near perfect attendance. He graduated with a 3.82 GPA and was a beacon of encouragement, a motivated role model that never gave up his ultimate goal of being a professional truck driver.  The road ahead for Logan is bright as he is the latest addition to the Old Dominion team in Dracut, MA. 

Cara Berrini who attended Lincoln Technical Institute in Lowell also received a MAPCS Certificate of Achievement Award.

Cara began her Dental Assistant training in 2014.  Cara maintained a 3.9 GPA and 98.6% attendance.  Jade Dunn, Lincoln’s Director of Career Services, “Cara always came prepared and participated regularly in class discussion and clinical work.  She was able to understand concepts quickly and was always willing to help and encourage anyone that needed it.” Jade added that, “Cara has passed both the Infection Control and Radiation Health Safety certification exams.”

Cara recently returned to Lincoln Tech to address the new class.   She gave the new students advice and insight about becoming successful as a dental assistant.




From left, Logan Gaudet, graduate award
recipient with Jim Bologa, MAPCS President and CEO 
of Porter and Chester Institute.

From left Cara Berrini, graduate award
recipient with Jim Bologa, MAPCS President and CEO 
of Porter and Chester Institute.