Private career schools and colleges in Massachusetts contribute to the training of employees with the skills to meet employer demands.  Private career schools produce employees with market specific skills in high demand fields including allied health care, business administration, computer technology, cosmetology, culinary, dental, electronics, legal administration, massage therapy, medical billing & coding, pharmacy, photography and many more.

The training at private career schools is generally completed in a short period of time, is affordable and leads to rewarding careers.

During this economic downturn the opportunities available for students in private career schools is particularly critical. For many of our students the private career school offers a valuable alternative to the financial burden imposed by two and four-year colleges. Moreover, private career schools have excellent retention and completion rates and offer students access to education and training not always available at traditional colleges.

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Scholarships for Education

The Imagine America Foundation provides scholarships for education with a focus on career schools.  Find the best scholarships for education today.

Filling America’s Skilled Worker Shortage The Role of Career Colleges

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